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Busy, Kind, & Communicative Family In Centerburg Seeking A Full-Time Nanny

*The Basics


2 days/wk 7:30am-4:00pm

3 days/week 8:30am-5:00pm (flexible)

35 Hours Guaranteed (willing to guarantee more)

2 Children- B(21months) & G (4months)

2 Weeks Paid Vacation

1 Week Sick Pay & Paid Holidays


Start Date - By June 3rd

*The Specifics

Joining the warm and welcoming household of this family, the ideal nanny will play a pivotal role in nurturing the growth and development of B(21months), and G (4months). With a focus on fostering a calm, family-oriented environment, the ideal nanny will have patience, coping skills, and creativity to engage in activities such as sensory play, reading, and outdoor adventures. They value communication and believe this is key to ensuring a lasting relationship. Maintaining full attention on the children and caring for both simultaneously will be essential, along with cleaning up after their activities to ensure a tidy and organized space. The family values minimal technology and emphasizes active play and learning over screen time. Kindness, fairness, calmness, and strong communication skills are qualities highly prized by this family, who describe themselves as informal, on-the-go, and heart-filled. They practice gentle parenting with clear expectations and avoid raising their voices. Their two golden retrievers and one cat are beloved members of the family, and the nanny may occasionally be asked to refill water dishes and let the dogs out into the fenced backyard. B(21months) and the dogs are best friends.

Flexibility is key for the parents, who commute to Columbus for work and may occasionally be delayed due to traffic. They are also very busy business owners who recently bought a restaurant and have several rental properties.

They seek a long-term nanny who desires to become an integral part of their children's lives, providing consistency and a nurturing presence. B(21months) loves being outdoors, playing ball, and on the swing set, reflecting his independent and adventurous spirit. With mom working from home three days a week and working from the office two days a week, there is ample opportunity for quality time with the children. Mom values slow mornings on work-from-home days, enjoying breakfast and playtime with the kids in the living room, and is open to accommodating the nanny's start time preferences. Overall, the family desires a nanny who feels like a cherished member of the family and who shares their commitment to providing a loving, supportive, and enriching environment for their children. The ability to be fully present for the children are paramount, as they value quality time and meaningful connections above all else.

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