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Busy, Down-To-Earth, & Fun Family In Dublin Seeking A Full-Time Nanny

Updated: Feb 27

*The Basics



30 Hours Guaranteed (flexible)

2 Children - Boy (4 years) & G (1 year)

13 Days Paid Vacation

Paid Holidays

Pay $25-$27

Start Date - March 1st

* Vaccine Requirements - Covid Vaccinated & Boosted Preferred.

*The Specifics

This family considers themselves informal, kind, and deeply committed to the well-being and development of their children. With a 4-year-old boy attending pre-K and a 1-year-old daughter exploring the world, Mom and Dad are seeking a nurturing and responsible long-term nanny to join their household. Trustworthiness tops their list of priorities, as they entrust the nanny with the safety and happiness of their precious little ones. Experience in childcare, particularly with infants and toddlers are highly valued, as is a background in early childhood education or child development.

Patience, kindness, and effective communication are essential traits for the ideal nanny, given the demands of caring for young children. Creativity and resourcefulness will also be appreciated, as the nanny will be responsible for planning engaging and stimulating activities for the children. Someone who has a genuine interest in engaging with children. (singing, reading, games etc) and planning educationally stimulating activities.

The family values a positive role model who can instill positive values and behaviors such as kindness, respect, and responsibility in their children, serving as a source of inspiration and guidance. In terms of responsibilities, the nanny will play a vital role in providing attentive care for the children, including feeding, naps, and engaging in enriching activities. Although they have housekeepers twice/week the nanny will also be responsible for some light housekeeping duties, such as dishes, laundry, wiping down surfaces/vacuuming dining room floor after meals, and keeping common areas organized.

They’re inspired by positive parenting / positive discipline and by Montessori, however, haven't strictly adhered to any specific framework. They are constantly trying to read, learn, and experiment to find what works best for their children. As a family that prioritizes learning and growth, they are eager to find a nanny who can contribute to their children's development while also fostering a warm and nurturing environment at home. In their free time they like read books, go on walks, and listen to music. Dad likes to spend a lot of time with B (4years) on academics (reading, writing, and arithmetic) and sports (swimming, soccer, wrestling, etc.). Mom enjoys doing projects and creative play with B (4 years) (science experiments, arts, and crafts, telling stories, etc.) B (4 years) loves reading - especially about dinosaurs! Dad’s parents also come over often to help or spend time with the kids. They are very excited to welcome their new nanny to learn and grow with their family long-term. They cannot wait to meet you!

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