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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a nanny in Columbus earn?

The average Nanny in Columbus earns between $22-$35 hourly. This range depends on experience, education, and the job requirements.

Does it cost to work with The Nanny Avenue?

The agency will represent you at no cost.

How long does the process take?

While we cannot guarantee an exact time, candidates are typically placed with a family between three-six weeks. This depends on how quickly the nanny completes the application, how many families the agency is working with, and how quickly the families communicates.

Will I be taxed?

We encourage and educate our Families on the importance of working with a payroll company. A nanny is never an "independent contractor" and always an employee of the Family.

How long of a commitment must I make to a family?

Nannies must be willing to make a one year commitment for a permanent placement. We do however work with Families requesting Part-Time or Temp Care who may not require a 1 year commitment.

Why work with The Nanny Avenue?

We will always advocate for your needs regarding pay and benefits, resume and contract guidance, interview tips, and on-going support after placement

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