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Laid-Back, Kind, Jet Setting Family In Columbus Seeking A Full-Time Nanny

* The Basics

Monday- Friday

8:00am - 5:00pm (5:30)

36-40 Guaranteed Hours (flexible)

4 Children - G (9years), G (7years), G (2 years), & B (2months)

2 Weeks Paid Vacation

3 Sick Days

Paid Holidays


Start Date - ASAP

Vaccine requirements - COVID-19, T-dap, and flu during flu season

* The Specifics

This family considers themselves to be outgoing, loud, and spiritual. They are a family with four children. The eldest two, attend school full-time. The nanny's primary role will be to care for the toddler and newborn, however, when the children are on breaks, sick, or on summer vacation, the nanny will be expected to care for them as well. They are seeking a self starter, someone who takes initiative, follows instruction well, and is attentive to detail. Kindness, patience, a guiding presence, anticipation of needs and ability to meet them (ahead of asking is preferred). A nanny who is willing to travel with the family is preferred however, not mandatory.

They are an easy going family, holding more loosely to the idea a schedule than a true time-cued routine until they have to with school or other activities. They are really loving. They give lots of hugs and encouraging words. They try to be mindful or teach mindfulness of others and to be self-aware (mostly to not treat a sibling in a way they themselves wouldn’t want to be treated) and also though not religious per se, they try to be God-centered. For example, they bless their food, say prayers and affirmations at night. Mom and Dad want them to do well in school and expect reading before tablet time etc. They are mindful about games, YouTube videos, movies so they don’t have free range there and need to confirm first what they haven’t already approved. They use rewards and incentives and would like their nanny to help refine/structure how that works. They employ loss of privileges when necessary. Mom would like to see both incentives and consequences brought to some level of organization like chore and homework charts for example. They want to build up their kids so they try to address them in a way that informs or corrects but doesn’t destroy. They try to listen before chastising and also want them to be respectful so they will not instruct them to call their nanny by first name only for example. In addition to childcare, they would like the nanny to help with light housework/tidying behind children, children's laundry, dishes, errands, meal planning and prep, occasional cooking, transportation to/from school or activities, grocery shopping/ordering.

G (9 years) likes to dance and G (7 years) loves to sing, they both enjoy hosting concerts and parties for the family to attend alongside all their stuffed animals. They also enjoy gymnastics, their big trampoline and kicking around a soccer ball. G (2 yrs) is very inquisitive, talking more and more, and is a super fast learner. She loves books and will turn the pages for you and she likes to paint or color. Baby Boy is a really sweet baby and is often entertained by his sister's or held by them.

G (years) can literally do ANYTHING but doesn’t always apply herself. Usually a well-placed incentive clears that right up but she’s quick to say she can’t do something if it’s a little challenging or she’d rather be doing something else. She’s also a bit shy and slower to be herself in a new environment and more sensitive to getting in trouble. G (7years) is more independent and outgoing. She makes friends easily and likes to show off what she can do. She can be emphatically resistant sometimes and they probably use “ok I’ve said it twice” more with her. She also is less respectful of her little sister's space but absolutely adores the baby. They sometimes have to keep G (2years) from hitting from time to time when she doesn’t get her way or if her sisters take something from her. Pretty typical for her age of course, that’s the stage she’s in. She loves to be helpful and loves music. She sings/dances and is adding to her little vocabulary every day. She is a talker!

Dad is an avid reader and likes them to read daily so they often enjoy trips to the library and reading. They have several board games and enjoy outside activities for the summer. They also have a membership to the New Albany pool, the Zoo and to COSI for activities away from home. Finally, movies are a favorite pastime of the ladies of the house. They try to avoid cow's milk except for occasional chocolate milk or for cooking. Mom works primarily inside the home currently however, would like to transition to working more out side of the home. They are seeking a nanny who will grow and evolve with their family. Someone who is seeking a long-term placement is ideal. They cannot wait to meet you!

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