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Busy, Fun, & Heart Filled Family in Bexley seeking a Full-Time Nanny.

*The Basics


7:30am - 5:00-5:30pm (flexibility needed)

50 hours guaranteed

1 child - B (3.5 years)

4 weeks paid vacation

3 Paid Sick Days

Paid Holidays

Pay $25

Start Date - ASAP

* Preference for candidate to comply with CDC recommendations on public health related issues and to be current/up to date on optional vaccines (T-DAP, Flu, Covid).

*The nanny may be needed as early 6:30AM (approximately 8 weeks per year and occasional random early days). Also may very rarely need nanny as late as 6:30PM (a few times per year).

*The Specifics

This family considers themselves to be easy going, on-the-go, and informal. This family consists of mom, dad, and their sweet little boy who is turning four years old in May. They also have some furry family members including two Guinea pigs, "Hay-Hay" and "Gus-Gus" and a 4 year old Goldendoodle named Ollie. Both parents relocated to Ohio 12 years ago from Florida for medical training and both now work as local physicians in Columbus. Both parents are very involved and love spending as much time as possible with their son, however need help balancing work and life as they do not have family locally. Their ideal nanny would be a caring individual who will provide safe and reliable childcare for their son. They are seeking someone who is trustworthy and who will openly communicate with them and most importantly, someone who will love and care for the child in their absence. They would also love someone who has experience/education or an interest in early childhood education so that their child is playing in an environment that is engaging and challenging to promote development of skills/milestones. They are seeking someone who is flexible, patient, kind, attentive to detail, creative, energetic, and fun!

Their son attends preschool three half days per week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning). During this time, they will ask the nanny to help with family assistant duties. (see below) The main priority will be to care for their child with no additional responsibilities while directly caring for him. Before he wakes in the morning, after parents return home from work, during naps and while at preschool, the nanny will be asked to help with the following:

Maintaining the common spaces of the home (playroom, kitchen, TV room, child's room) which may include light housework.

- Laundry for the family,

-Running errands/grocery shopping (while at preschool Meal prep/cooking

- Caring for pets (Guinea pigs x 2 and Goldendoodle) which may include cleaning cage, feeding, giving fresh water, walking, picking up poop

- Toy rotation/maintenance

- Unloading/loading dishwasher when needed

- Miscellaneous (prepping for B-day party, addressing holiday cards and other general house manager tasks)

They have been learning their discipline style as their son grows. When their son was a baby, they used Taking Cara Babies a lot for routine/sleep recommendations. As he has gotten older, they have learned a lot from "Big Little Feelings" who teach essentially "gentle parenting". They believe in setting clear expectations/having a routine, however with some flexibility. For serious things, they believe it is critical to hold firm with boundaries with consequences that are linked to the undesired action. They also believe that all feelings are important and OK (it is ok to be angry/mad) but that we need to learn healthy ways to deal with negative emotions to prevent things like throwing/hitting/tantrums. They do not spank/hit or get physical with their child and believe in "time in" instead of time out. Finally, with feeding/meals, they believe that it is the parent/caregiver's decision what goes on the plate and the child's decision what to put in their body with no pressure to eat certain foods.

They spend most weekends going to local Metro Parks (favorite: Inniswood), farmers markets, going on adventures (local living historical farm, COSI, Frankin Park Consevatory, Zoo) and getting together with friends. They also love swimming in our pool in the summer, water balloon fights, traveling to see family in Florida and are slowly becoming Disney people. They like to have fun but are also very focused on safety first and foremost and believe it is important (especially for a toddler) to maintain consistent boundaries (bedtime, no hitting, etc.). They are excited to welcome a new member to their family and grow with their future nanny long-term.

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