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Loving, Energetic, & Fun Family in New Albany Seeking A Trustworthy Part-Time Nanny

The Basics

2 days/week (consistent days) 9:00am -5:00pm (flexible) 16 hours guaranteed 1 Child - G (2months) 2 Weeks Paid Vacation 1 week of Sick Pay Paid Holidays $22-$25 hourly Start Date - January 23rd * A nanny who is open to traveling with the family is a big plus however, not required.

The Specifics This family considers themselves to be caring, respectful, energetic, and thoughtful. They are seeking a nurturing, patient and trustworthy part-time nanny. They are looking for someone who can grow with their family and their changing needs. Right now, they are seeking someone 2 days/week - 16 hours total. The two days will be consistent. They are seeking someone who is flexible with hours on the 2 days they are scheduled. They own a real estate agency and need their nanny to be flexible on hours. They will provide a schedule in advance however, the hours may vary from week to week. They also may eventually add a third day. Their ideal nanny would be able to help with their changing work schedules, is reliable, shows up on time, works hard, cares about her/his job, and wants to help them and can grow with their family. They would like their nanny to be nurturing, kind, engaging, and enjoy interacting with babies. While the main responsibility is childcare, when time allows they would like help with light house work. ( dishes, helping to keep things tidy and organized) .

They are a young family and their daughter is only two months old. They are very nurturing and adaptive as they are continuously learning and figuring things out as new parents. They own multiple real estate businesses that keep them very busy. They work really hard but their family is incredibly important to them. In their free time, they enjoy being with friends/family, going out to dinners, being active and traveling. They also have a Bernese mountain dog who is a big part of their family dynamic. Mom is Jewish and they are raising their daughter to appreciate Jewish traditions. They celebrate all Jewish holidays. They are seeking a long-term nanny who will grow with and become part of the family. They cannot wait to meet you!

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