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Friendly, Outgoing, & Busy Family In Powell Seeking A Full-Time Nanny

* The Basics

Monday - Friday

7:00am - 3:00pm

40 hours guaranteed

2 Children - B (2 years) & G (due in September)

Paid Holidays

2 weeks paid vacation & 5 days sick pay

Pay $23-$26

Start Date - September 14th

Vaccine requirements - COVID-19, T-dap, and flu during flu season

* The Specifics

This family considers themselves sincere, open minded, and down to earth. They have a wonderful two year old son who attends daycare full-time and are expecting a baby girl September. They also have a 3 year old poochon ( there will not be any pet-related duties). The nanny's primary role will be for their infant however, they may need help with the toddler when he is sick from school days and Mom is unable to accommodate her schedule to care for him. During the first two weeks of the position, the nanny will be asked to transport the toddler to daycare while Mom is recovering. They follow a Montessori style in regards to activities, (no screen time for baby) and they try to redirect bad behavior to something more positive.Their ideal nanny would is someone who is proactive and a self starter. Flexibility is a must for days that are not going "according to plan" and patience with children is also very important to this family. They value someone who is motivated to work with their infant on reaching age-appropriate milestones and exposing her to new experiences outdoors / indoors. They are always open to suggestions and ideas of how to improve any aspect of the day - to successfully achieve that, communication is key. They understand and respect that every family does things different and hopes that their nanny is flexible and will partner with them to ensure the growth and development of their baby.

In addition to childcare, the nanny will be responsible for washing bottles/pump parts, prepping and feeding solids once baby is 6 months, laundry, organization etc. In the mornings, Mom will be getting the toddler ready to drop off at daycare, walking the dog, etc. During maternity leave, she won't be working, she will be recovering as well as organizing/unpacking their new home. After maternity leave, she will be working from home and her workday will begin after dropping her son off to daycare. Mom has a separate office space and will be in meetings most of her days and will need the nanny to feel confident to care for the newborn during the day. After the baby is born, Mom's parents who live in Florida are planning a stay for two months. They will be staying in the basement of their home and will not interfere with the baby's schedule or day.

During the weekdays, they have little to no free time outside of work and child responsibilities however, they love spending time in the evening, playing with their son, working on new skills, and eating dinner as a family. (Mom and son only eat chicken and some fish - no red meat). On the weekends, they enjoy watching some tv, taking their son on outings and and meeting with friends. They are a social and outgoing family and love meeting and talking and interacting with people. They are really excited to meet their new nanny and to welcome them to the family!

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