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Easy going, Kind, & Caring Family In Dublin Seeking a Full-Time Nanny

* The Basics

1 Child - B (13 years)

160 hours/mo (nanny will get 1 week off/mo)

2 Weeks Paid Vacation

3 Paid Sick Days

Paid Holidays


Start Date - August 21st

* Vaccine requirements - COVID-19, T-dap, and flu during flu season

* The Specifics


Mon- Fri 6:30am to 5:30/6pm (in fall, spring)

Mon-Fri 6:30am- 4:00pm winter (sometimes until 4:30-5pm)

Mon- Fri 8:30am- 3:30ish summer (occasionally later day 5/6pm)

occasionally one later night/week. 2-3 weekend or overnight shifts likely/month

Mom takes off 10- 13 weeks per year. Sometimes the nanny will not be asked to come in those weeks. So occasionally, the nanny will have off one week off per month. However, the other three weeks of the month that the nanny will work, may be up to 50 hours per week. If you work less than 50 hours per week. There are frequent early days (in the summer), days off and sometimes weeks off throughout the year. The nanny will be guaranteed 160 hours for the month. Sometimes the position will be a full-time job, however, it is mostly condensed into three weeks per month. The nanny is welcome to pick up more hours, when the family travels - they'd love someone to house/dog sit.

This family considers themselves to be busy, on-the go - jet-setting, kind, and heart filled. They have a small family of 3. When their nanny is home, the three of them are rarely together because of school/ work. They have two friendly, loving, dogs who they refer to as "the girls" (and will be your sidekick if you so desire). (Pet related duties include occasionally feeding them, letting them out for potty breaks, short walks.) Mom usually leaves early in the morning, occasionally before your arrival. Dad works from home, but he lives in his home office except when he pops out for lunch. He occasionally travels and is out of town. He isolates himself for the most part. Most of the time, (other than breakfast and car rides to and from school with B (13), the nanny has a peaceful morning/ afternoon and is kept company by their dogs. In their free time, they love to travel (frequently out west) and they really enjoy snow skiing/ snowboarding. Mom's family is in Maryland and California. When they are not traveling, they chill out with movies, walking their dogs, bike rides, trialing any new restaurants in the area!

Boy (13) is lighthearted and enjoys people who can turn any situation into humor - he responds well to that. He he can be quiet, but he likes to joke around. He tends to do well with warm and funny personalities. Their son is allergic to gluten and all nuts. Mom tries to make meal prep for B (13) easy and will guide the nanny on what to prepare. For example, mom will send recipes for her son and keeps a binder of recipes. They have a separate sink for anything that is cooked with nuts or gluten and have separate shelves/baskets that are his in the pantry. At 13, he is aware of what he can/cannot have however, the nanny will need to be aware and alert for nuts/gluten.

Their ideal nanny would be kind, patient, and mature. They would also be responsible, punctual, organized, and proactive. Someone who takes initiative with things that need to be done around the home. For example, if they see the family is running low on laundry detergent or milk, they'd like the nanny to take initiative to replace these items or if B (13) has baseball, be sure the uniform is clean for practice. Safety is a top priority: a clean, safe driving record is a must along with reliable transportation as the nanny will be helping with transportation. This position will be a combination of nanny/family assistant. The nanny's duties will be helping make meals, help B (13) organize items he needs for his school day/ school projects/ activities/ sports. Most of the day (during the school year) will be helping around the house (helping with groceries, meal prep, organizing nutritious dinner, target and Costco runs, laundry, keeping clothes organized, light housekeeping, keeping common areas tidy, taking the dogs outside, loading/ unloading dishwasher, organizing. Their parenting style is more love and logic. They try to reinforce boundaries (for example, no screens during school week unless for schoolwork or communicating with mom/dad/nanny) and set those as firm boundaries). They try to communicate the "whys" of boundaries, and if not followed, usually have a consequence such as losing screen time etc. It has become easier now that their son is 13.

Their first nanny was with their family for seven years and spent holidays with them. They are seeking a long-term nanny who will become part of the family and will work together as a team. They are excited to meet you!

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