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Down-to-earth, Humorous, & Organized Family In Powell Seeking a Part-Time Nanny

* The Basics

1 Child - G (4mo)

80 hour guaranteed/mo (flexible)

1 Week Paid Vacation

3 Paid Sick Days

Paid Holidays


Start Date - September 5th

* Vaccine requirements - COVID-19, T-dap, and flu during flu season

* The Specifics

This family is a dual physician household and both work shift-work, so their schedules will vary from week to week. They are seeking a nanny who is relatively flexible and willing to work with their schedules. They will guarantee 80 hours/month. The hours will mostly be weekday and daytime/early evening hours, however, they may need to ask for some weekend or evening/night hours. They will know their schedules a couple months in advance and would be able to plan accordingly with the nanny. This family considers themselves to be fun, kind, and on-the-go. Their ideal nanny would be comfortable and experienced with infant care and infant development. Someone who enjoys spending time reading and playing with their daughter as they will likely have some regulations around screen time. They are seeking some who will nurture, care for, and engage with her. Reliability and organization are also qualities they value in a nanny. While the main responsibility will be childcare, they would also like their nanny to help clean up toys or other items used with the child, wash bottles/child's dishes after use. If time permits, they may ask for the nanny to help with light housework.

They are an active family and they enjoy being outdoors - walking, biking, hiking, etc. They are both relatively down-to-earth and practical people, however, they also value a sense of humor. They enjoy board games, exploring local dining and drinks, and socializing with friends and family. They do have two goldendoodles in the home as well. Their daughter loves to smile and interact with people. She may have a cow milk protein allergy and is currently on hypoallergenic formula per her pediatrician's recommendation. They are seeking long-term nanny to welcome into their family. They can't wait to meet you!

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