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Caring, Busy, & Fun Family in Blacklick Seeking a Full-Time Nanny

Caring, Busy, & Fun Family in Blacklick Seeking a Full-Time Nanny

The Basics*

Monday: 7:30 - 5:30

Tuesday: 7:30 - 4:30

Wednesday: 7:30 - 5:30

Thursday: 7:30 - 4:30

Guaranteed 38 hours

4 children - B (11years), G (9 years) B (7 years) & B (2 years)

2 weeks Paid Vacation ( Family takes days off around the holidays)

1 Week Sick Pay & Paid Holidays

Pay $25-$30

Start Date - ASAP

The Specifics*

This family considers themselves to be down-to-earth, fun, and busy! This is a single parent household. The father is widowed and is incredibly proud of how well his children have handled the transition. Their ideal nanny would be calm, patient, structured, and have the ability to engage and communicate with children. Multitasking with multiple children doing different things around the house while keeping an eye on the toddler is important. Safe driving, the ability to watch all four children when in public, and attention to detail regarding safety concerns are a must. Their ideal nanny would also be nurturing and caring - someone who will engage the children in fun activities.

The three older children are great with helping around the house and helping where they can. They love to have fun! They enjoy spending time outside when the weather is nice. The three older children can play in the yard with periodic check ins, however, the toddler needs more supervision because he's a toddler that thinks he's as old and able as his siblings. The three older children like to have fun and be crazy, however, they are well behaved and know to be respectful of adults. The eleven-year-old, likes to be around people. He's fun and helpful but complains sometimes about having to play on his own. Luckily, he has three siblings and friends in the neighborhood. The nine-year-old, sometimes likes to read on her own and let the boys go off and be wild, but she also loves playing outside. The seven-year-old is about the sweetest person on earth. He's smart and big, so it's easy to forget that he's seven, but he loves doing all kinds of activities. All of the children love being read to, which is a nice activity when they are tired or need to settle down. The children all participate in different sports at their school and are active at St. Matthew Catholic Church. They currently have memberships to many places around Columbus: zoo, Franklin Park Conservatory, Ohio History Museum, pool. When Dad takes the children out, he prefers places where the kids all play around in the same area like a park or pool, or where he can push the toddler in the stroller sometimes to keep things moving at older-kids' pace. Dad works from his home office upstairs two days a week, so that will make getting up to speed on where things are and how they work in the house easier. (Dad is often available via text during the day to answer any questions or discuss any issues).

Duties include laundry once/week for all four children. (the older children fold/put away their own laundry), change toddlers bed linens once/week and older children once/every two weeks, load/empty the dishwasher as needed. Wipe counters and sweep crumbs off of the kitchen floor and table area after meals. Meal prep for breakfast and lunch, and tidy up toy/book messes from toddler in main play areas. The other three kids are responsible to help tidy their play areas. During the school year, the three older kids will be on the bus to school before 7:30, so breakfast and lunch will just be for toddler. During the summer months, all of the kids will be home. Dinner prep two nights a week, on the days Dad is working until 5:30 (nothing fancy needed). Homework help, ( spelling test study, reading, etc) and an after-school snack prep. As needed/available grocery trips for food staples (milk, fruit, lunch meat, etc) and help reminding kids to do their chores or get ready for practice after school.

Two of the children have celiac disease, which means that they can't eat gluten (wheat, barley, or rye and most oats). It's inconvenient because there aren't too many places that we can eat out. But it's pretty easy at home, because almost all of the food in their house is gluten free. If a nanny wanted to bring gluten foods from home (sandwich, crackers, etc.) for their lunch, that would be fine, but they'd have to be careful about cleaning up any crumbs. Also, dad would ask that they don't use any of their pots and pans to cook gluten food. If a nanny is willing, it's easiest to eat the gluten free food at their home!

Their Catholic religion is very important to the family. The children pray before meals however, if the nanny is not comfortable with that, the kids are able to say a blessing before meals on their own. They are very excited to welcome their new nanny into their family! They cannot wait to meet you!

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