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Busy, Loving & Supportive Family in Powell Seeking A Full-Time Nanny to join their nanny team.

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The Basics*

Monday - Friday

8:00am - 6:00pm

50 hours guaranteed

3 Children G (3.5 years), B ( 2 years) & B (5 months)

Paid Holidays & 1 week of sick pay

2 Weeks Paid Vacation

$22-$30 hourly

Healthcare Stipend

Start Date - September 1st

*This family is requiring the nanny to be up to date with all vaccines

* Family Car provided while working

The Specifics*

This family considers themselves to be down-to-earth, on the go, and kind. They currently have a wonderful full-time nanny and are seeking a second nanny to join their team. The toddlers will start daycare in August full-time. They will be in daycare from 8:30am-4:30pm- M-F. Until the children start daycare, the nannies will tag team. Each nanny will only have up to two children at a time. One day, the nanny may be responsible for just the infant and the next, the nanny will be responsible for the toddlers. Once the toddlers start daycare in August, the nanny will be expected to primarily care for the baby. In November, their current nanny will be leaving the role and the nanny will continue to care for primarily the infant unless the daycare is closed or the toddlers are home sick. Mom will be available and around to help with children. They are looking for a nanny that will become apart of their care team and foster a structured, loving, and supportive environment for the kids to grow and thrive. Their ideal nanny would be someone who is comfortable with both newborns and toddlers and understands responsive parenting with boundaries and setting clear expectations with children yet being able to comfort and help children work through their emotions. They value open communication between nannies and parents and working together to learn and grow as caregivers with the kids. They are looking for someone that can work alongside their current nann) to help ensure the parents have support and coverage for the children while parents are working. Their parenting style is structured, responsive parenting with clear boundaries with love and positive encouragement.

Dad works out of the home in agriculture running a large team and works long hours as his office is an hour north of the house. Mom works from home in surgical robotics however has monthly trips to Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and San Francisco and also manages the family real-estate business which has her work out of the home often. While working from home mom is "out of sight out of mind" and candidates can confirm the dynamic with current nanny. Their eldest is a spit fire little girl who loves all things unicorns and rainbows and reading. She is a feisty girly girl. Their middle child is a sweet and cuddly little boy and has just been potty trained! Their infant is the sweetest little baby and really just wants all the love and cuddles. They also have a large friendly dog named, Niko. They do ask the nanny to help care for him during the day such as letting him out side to potty.

Their ideal nanny would help with all things childcare. Example:

Pick up/drop off toddlers at school,

transporting children to activities -(dance, swim, soccer etc.)

meal prep for children,

outings - (park, zoo, cosi, etc),

helping with bedtime routine - (bath, reading, songs)

helping with morning routine (breakfast, dropping toddlers off)

Cleaning up playrooms (reinforcing children to clean up after themselves)


Feeding bottles and purees (once of age)

Helping to establish nap/eat/play routine

Changing diapers/clothes etc.


Children's Laundry

Letting dog out during the day

Bringing in packages

Light housework (Family dishes)

Potential errands such as dropping packages off, shopping etc.

Nanny will have a family car to use while working as well as a family credit card for all expenses incurred while working.

Open communication is key. They want the Nanny to know and feel like they are in this together. They want their nanny to feel comfortable coming to them with concerns or issues rather than hiding things or being worried. They are a very welcoming family and want their nanny to be an extension of the family. They cannot wait to meet you!

If you are already in our system and are interested in this job, please click the "Apply Now!" button below and mention "Busy, Loving & Supportive Family in Powell " in the subject line.

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